Project Overview

The Cross Sector Supply Chain Skills Project is a national initiative led by a range of unrelated industries that have come together to identify the supply chain Skill Sets common to those sectors.  By formally recognising this commonality, these industries are increasing the portability of skills and the mobility of the Australian workforce. 

The 10 new Skills Sets developed by the project now mean that those working throughout the many types of supply chains can all be skilled to the same world class standards and as a consequence, increase the efficiency and productivity right across those industries.

The Project Reference Group that led the work comprised representatives from industries including mining, business services, advanced manufacturing, printing and graphic design, transport and logistics, humanitarian aid, forestry, textiles, clothing and footwear manufacturing. 

The project has been commissioned by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) with oversight has been by the Transport and Logistics Industry Reference Committee.   Technical expertise and project management has been by Australian Industry Standards