Cross sector supply chain SKILL SETS and units of competency are now available

The Supply Chain Skill Sets and Units of Competency have been developed to support the existing supply chain workforce to quickly upskill and adapt to widespread technological change. These new Skills Sets enable the workforce to operate to world class standards in a broad range of supply chain industry sectors and environments.  The cross sector design and portable nature of these skills enables workers to move between industries, work in different parts of the supply chain or work in supply chain operations around the world.

A skilled and adaptable workforce has been identified as critical to the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy. The strategy recognises the importance of having employees who can quickly adopt and deploy emerging technologies and practices.

Skill Sets

Units of Competency

Companion volume implementation guide (CVIG) - packed with resources for practitioners

AIS working with industry has developed a resource rich Supply Chain Compendium as part of the Transport and Logistics Companion Volume Implementation Guide (CVIG). The Supply Chain Compendium has been developed to specifically assist assessors, trainers, RTOs and enterprises in delivering the new cross sector supply chain Units of Competency and Skill Sets.

Key features of the Supply Chain Compendium includes:

  • Advice on the key features of the cross sector supply chain Units of Competency and Skill Sets
  • Information on how to contextualise the cross sector Units of Competency
  • Detailed and extensive lists of hyperlinked resources for each Unit of Competency and Skill Set
  • Australian and international case studies of supply chains in action for each of the key skill areas
  • ‘Knowledge platform’ resources including key reports and articles, supply chain blogs, videos and links to key organisations and social media channels.

The Supply Chain Compendium is housed in the TLI Transport and Logistics Training Package on